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My performance chip arrived 2 days early. I installed this on my 2003 Trailblazer that has over 165k miles. I use this vehicle to pull a pop up camper. I needed just a little more power, better gas mileage and smoother shifting (automatic transmission).You can also go nuts and get an MSD high performance ignition model. Race fans use to recommend the Street Dominator Series for the GM Vortec V8 engines. Not so much for the 4.3L V6 models. Nevertheless, my lets all get metal parts recommendation, becomes more of a policy statement than anything else.

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Please use these diagrams of our latest Vortex300 magnetic heating filter that fits on your boiler. Available as a 22mm magnetic filter or in 22mm. Please see below for the Installation and Flushing guide for the Sentinel Eliminator Vortex300.
Design and Performance of the Converging-Diverging Vortex Flowmeter The converging-diverging structure is introduced to extend the lower limit of measurement of vortex flowmeters. On the left we have the lower end Uniden DFR5. On the right we have the custom installed K40 antenna used in the RL200di and RL360di. Obviously there’s some differences because the DFR5 is a windshield mount so it adds a display, internal speaker, volume knob, laser sensor, etc. while the K40 is essentially just the antenna that hooks up to an external display and speaker.

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q This kit is designed work with Vortec cylinder heads and Vortec camshaft or Edelbrock E-tec heads and Vortec camshaft developed for this application. Stock compression must be maintained plus or minus two tenths of a ratio. q You MUST change your computer chip for this kit to function on your vehicle and be emissions legal. Innovative Performance Chip/Power Programmer for Land Rover LR2, LR3 & LR4 2.0L, 3.0L, 3.2L, 4.0L, 4.4L & 5.0L - Improve Fuel Mileage & Gain More MPG, Increase Horsepower & TQ with this Engine Tuner!In 1997 full-size Chevrolet pickup trucks, a 5.7-liter Vortec V8 engine was offered as optional equipment. This engine, paired with a four-speed automatic transmission, provided optimal performance for two- and four-wheel-drive Chevrolet C/K pickup trucks.

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Vortex tubes are used for cooling of cutting tools (lathes and mills, both manually-operated and CNC machines) during machining. The vortex tube is well-matched to this application: machine shops generally already use compressed air, and a fast jet of cold air provides both cooling and removal of the "chips" produced by the tool.
Performance Chips Installation. Full instructions are provided electronically with your order. Air Intake Installation: Full instructions are provided electronically with your order. 1. Make sure your engine is cool before installation. 2. Locate your air intake box and prepare for removal.The EFI system comes complete with a Pro-Flo XT intake manifold and 29 Lb/Hr injectors capable of 450 HP with 58 p.s.i. fuel pressure. Also included is a plug and play single connection distributor designed to work specifically with Pro-Flo 4 and a made in the USA high-quality harness with clearly labeled connections for a hassle-free installation.

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Innovative Performance Chip/Power Programmer for Toyota Sienna 2.7L, 3.0L, 3.3L and 3.5L - Improve Your Fuel Mileage, Save Gas & Gain More MPG, Increase Horsepower & Torque with this Engine Tuner!
#1 Performance Tuning Chip Chevy SILVERADO 1500 Z71 5.3L 4.3l 4.8l 1996-2018 (Fits: 1997 Chevrolet Silverado) Excellent bang for the buck and yes I have tried several different performance chips on the market except for the really expensive ones. Cory D., Texas . This performance chip came within 2 days of ordering and was easy to install so you'll see an increase in HP/mpg. The best part about it is you get surprised everytime you slam on the gas pedal.

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Jul 13, 2008 · People think its cool, but how can everyone's truck be the exact same, and the chips work for every one. A custom computer tune, especially if they dyno it to do so, is the best route. If you want to get real crazy, throw in a 6.0L get full exhaust, tune, intake, cam, and go from there.
You can do this by installing a performance supercharger. This is a performance chip that will accentuate your vehicle’s system making it work better. For the best effect, you will need to install the best electric supercharger. This is the Turbo Sound Muffler. Engine Performance Chip provide Chevrolet Performance Chip online for increasing horsepower and overall performance. Buy ECU Chips, Supercharger, Power chip and Tuning Chip of any Chevrolet model.

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JET 710703K DC-1200VX-BK3 2HP 3PH 230/460V Vortex Dust Collector. Jet's new Vortex Cone technology works to create a cyclone effect inside the machine; Improved chip separation captures more debris before it gets to your filter; Cleaner filter means less performance reduction due to clogging
The Jet Powertech Performance Chip replaces the stock computer chip and maximizes various performance characteristics. New programming adjusts spark timing & the air/fuel ratio to tune the engine for maximum power when you need it.